The Secret Activities of the Pee Squad

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Cum and pee on Gabi Galore - Gabi, one of the gang's private maids at Pee Squad mansion, had never known about their secret activities - until she was dusting a bust of Nietsche in the study and accidentally activated a secret door! As she daringly descending the stone steps behind the secret portal, she overheard some of her employers bemoaning they hadn't a hot chick to gangbang, and that's when she knew she'd lucked into the best job in the world! Check Gabi get a promotion at Pee Squad mansion: from a maid who is dry, to a maid who is soaking wet with jizz and piss!

Runtime26 minutes
ResolutionSD 540p
File formatmp4
File size391 MB
Picture count195
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English